Kailas Featured Ayurvedic Expert in Allan Moyle Documentary “How Sweet it Is!” – Healing Type 2 Diabetes

Written by Kailas, January 6, 2014

A new documentary by veteran film and television director Allan Moyle (Pump Up the Volume, Weirdsville, The Man in the Mirror) and producer Rodolfo Madero (Landfill Harmonic) is on the way!

Here is the Facebook page: How Sweet it is! and the film’s Twitter: @HowSweetMovie.

Ayurvedic Healer and Consultant to Film and Television on Alternative Medicine

Kailas is a Los Angeles-based
Ayurvedic wellness consultant
to film and television

I am a featured healer in the film, and provided the cast with Ayurvedic treatments including pulse readings, Ayurvedic massage, general consultation on healing, Ayurvedic colon cleansing and had a wonderful time giving a dinner talk on the the principles of Ayurveda and related concepts in alternative medicine.

The film was shot over a 21-day period in which the 5 member cast, which includes Allan, attempted to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes through diet, a wellness-oriented lifestyle, and various alternative therapies. I had a blast consulting on the film and participating in the healing and renewal of the cast.

I just have to say that Allan is an incredible, joyful, inspiring man who is turning a personal health crisis into a sometimes zany, sometimes passionate film that reaches out to a growing population of Diabetics who are often trapped in the modern medical model and lack information, support, and hope with which to heal themselves using alternative and natural methods.

director allan moyle, documentary diabetes film

Allan Moyle on a winter day!

Part of the inspiration for the film comes from the success of other Diabetics in reversing Type 2 Diabetes through diet.

Though the term “starvation diet” is common to these successes, the film’s cast was served gourmet vegetarian food for the most part – and educated in how to shop and prepare meals that heal. Levels were down within the first week!

As an Ayurvedic practitioner in private practice, I help individuals with Diabetes to attain balance and wellness through Ayurveda, herbs, diet, and positive lifestyle choices. So being a consulting healer and Ayurvedic wellness Expert on this film was an opportunity after my own heart.

film poster "pump up the volume" from director allan moyle

Film poster for Allan’s hit, “Pump Up the Volume” (1990)

Allan moyle director weirdsville film

Film poster for Allan Moyle’s “Weirdsville” (2007)

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